Thursday, 22 August 2013

The Bouncy or The Bouncy Bouncy

The Bouncy or The Bouncy Bouncy is a sports celebration which entails jumping up and down on the spot while chanting the word “bouncy” or “Let's all do the bouncy” repeatedly. It is mostly done by fans of Australian club Brisbane Roar, Northern Ireland national football team, and the Northern Ireland national football team.

The Bouncy was first executed in 1989 as a terrace song. In 1994, the then Rangers head of security, Alistair Hood as a joke suggested that Ibrox Stadium should have seatbelts set up to prevent fans doing The Bouncy. The action is regarded as a positive action as seen by the Rangers fans doing it in the City of Manchester Stadium in the 2008 UEFA Cup Final against Zenit St Petersburg. In modern times, the bouncy has become usual with fans of League of Ireland Side Limerick FC.

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