Tuesday, 27 September 2005

Day Three: Driving to Wyoming

In order to make time, I didn't take any pictures of the drive, but I thoroughly regret it. Wyoming is a beautiful state, and I plan to rearrange my route back home to deliberately drive through it again.

Why do old people drive so slowly? You'd think that there'd be some sense of IMMEDIACY to get to Yellowstone before they run out of precious time, but it appears the exact opposite it true. Wake up, blue hairs: Your time is short and so is my patience.

Day Five: Montana to Seattle

The Needle
Originally uploaded by MyTwistedLens. Drove 13 hours today. What amazes me about this trip is that words like "Wyoming", "Montana", and "Idaho" always brought to mind images of desolate, backwater places populated entirely by 80-year-old sun-dried ranchers in flannel. But these places really are friggin beautiful. The drive was, for the most part, peaceful and scenic. During the more boring parts, I yanked out the iPod and whipped through 30 lessons of Pimsleur Spanish I lessons. I can now with great confidence rattle off phrases such as:

Where is the beer?
I drank 12 beers!
If I have 16 dollars, I can buy a lot of cheap beer!

Here's the Needle. Not sure what I'm doing tomorrow. Perhaps Olympic park.